Do you like christmas??

2016-12-20 21:14:31 by kobalto1

Personally i like xmas more than religious way, i like winter and food

but always someone hate xmas and i want to know why

you hate/love/dont care xmas???

A sexy comic

2016-09-19 02:09:02 by kobalto1

I need help

I want to do a hentai comic but i dont know how to beging with the story!!

i know a hentai comic dont have a lot of story just is fuck but i want to do something good

can you help me? how start a story??

new horizons!!!

2015-11-19 18:10:04 by kobalto1

I am on Devianart for like 3 years, but some months ago i begining to extend my "empire" i beging with here Newgrounds, after that i di it with a japanese page Pixiv and was pretty well i think, but i can´t find a new site 

Can you help me ?

Change the way?

2015-10-17 23:27:00 by kobalto1

I try to take a way difirent of my art something more NSFW more boobs and stuff