A sexy comic

2016-09-19 02:09:02 by kobalto1

I need help

I want to do a hentai comic but i dont know how to beging with the story!!

i know a hentai comic dont have a lot of story just is fuck but i want to do something good

can you help me? how start a story??


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2016-09-19 02:37:23

an easy way would be to start from a scene you have made in your head.

if its an action movie, the best scene needs to be one of the climaxes of the film, love stories are done when everyone is sated and happy and satisfied.

porn needs to be more like, your favorite scene that is so hot even you get wood from it. then you back track, how did everyone get here, what happened before that, was there more sex? so on and so forth.

its hard but i believe you can do it.

kobalto1 responds:

i will try it hope i realease the comic before the year ends thanks :)


2016-09-19 08:02:49

Personally I think too: Start with a sex scene. Its.. just kinda obvious.-.

kobalto1 responds:

may may i am bad doing stories


2016-09-22 10:21:38

Sure, I can help you come up with ideas and how to put the comics into proper english.

kobalto1 responds:

thanks, the part with good spell english will be help me a lot!! ;)
English not is my native lenguage :/
thanks if i need help i will call you ;)


2016-09-30 02:45:41

Has que de risa

kobalto1 responds:

si le agregare un poco de mi comedia para hacerla mas amena