Entry #4

Do you like christmas??

2016-12-20 21:14:31 by kobalto1

Personally i like xmas more than religious way, i like winter and food

but always someone hate xmas and i want to know why

you hate/love/dont care xmas???


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2016-12-20 22:08:23

I love Christmas because I'm actually religious. I have a Christmas party planned so lots of food. On the same day I'm gonna watch rogue 1


2016-12-21 05:39:43

Likewise with @JustAPunnyGuy, I love Christmas and I am religious.

Christ Mass. Those are the words that ultimately get contracted into the word Christmas or Xmas we know today.

I guess there is always a sense of family and togetherness on this day, but my sympathies to those who actually hate it.


2016-12-22 06:13:55

I couldnt care less for xmas. Like every other religious feast. I only hate it when you get facefucked by ads for christmas themed items starting september and people not even being religious celebrating it-.-'' Hipocrits...