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OH allah! what a fucking beatufull art style
lovely characters desing
smooth animation
funny story
and nice humor
easy one of the best i see this year

that fingers was great
nice my dude keep going!!!

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pretty nice i must learn to draw on photoshop
thanks to you i remember who i not upload a speedpaint in months
thanks and really cool using all the tools who photoshop give make the work more easy
well done my dude :)

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Baarmaboi responds:

Thank you very much and you're welcome :) I'm glad i could remind you ro art on.

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thats a huge cake my dude
i always wanted to do something with cooking mama, you know she totally a milf
tha shape its very cool
also happy birthday

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Artrazor responds:

Thanks ^^

very cute
nice pose
nice in general
i know that a toon have simple shades but try another warm colors, i know you can
also i have this weird feeling than this is a base, hope no, you have the talent to be 100% original
i belive in you!
GO !!

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AGS-studio responds:

gracias, por tu comentario lo tomare en cuenta.

looks like you have a very own way to draw you, nice your own style
nice touch of use the CYMK colors in the background
i dont know if you make the lineart on illustrator, i knoe the pain in the ass who colud be do that
I really need to see all her body,not just the upper part
I say you do it cool with the background colors, but come on you can do a more detail
the face has shadows but the rest of the draw not
try to doodle diferent poses, that will help you with the draws

Se ve que eres buena, intenta otros estilos y colores, te ayudarabastante :)

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I live in México and proud for live in the north, I draw big boobs and Vagoogoos I try to make my shit better and better I dont bite ask me anything

Israel Castro @kobalto1

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Graphic Desing

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